The videos shown are a revision of an earlier version, which won the Positive Parenting Award from the Children's Rights Council, the Telly Award, and the Model Program Award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Executive Producer:

Donald Gordon, Ph.D.

Web Design and Development:

Concentric Sky, Eugene, Oregon

Video and Audio Development:

  • Sullivan Recording, Medford, Oregon
  • MediaBrite

Directed By:

  • Mark DuMond
  • Tom Winmill

Produced By:

Mark DuMond


Tom Winmill

Offline Editing:

Bill Cowen

Online Editing:

Shane Bodine


Scott Glen

Camera Operator:

Bill Cohen

Key Grip:

Samual Ferrer


  • Geoffrey Giley
  • Teresa Peterson

The Players:

  • Jane Cho-Smith
  • Samual Ferrer
  • Joel Handley
  • Calista Lewis
  • Jaime Locke
  • Don Mathews
  • Michael Meyer
  • April Ortiz
  • Judith Rosen
  • Julia Sevestraro
  • Katherine Sullivan
  • Ari Susu-Mago
  • Silas Weatherbee

Author & Exec. Producer:

Donald A. Gordon, Ph.D.

Dr. Gordon is a child and family psychologist, a researcher and public speaker, and Emeritus Professor of Psychology from Ohio University

The Center for Divorce Education would like to thank The Honorable Bruce Peterson (District Court Judge in Minnesota) and Dr. William Doherty (Professor in Dept. of Family Social Sciences, University of Minnesota) for their donation of time and contribution to the Introduction/Orientation section of this class and the section speaking to Alternatives to a Divorce also presented in the CIBO class.

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