Resultados Comprobados para los Niños

  • Menos niños presentaron estrés (22%)
  • Menos ausencias en la escuela (70%)
  • Menos visitas al doctor (54%)

El divorcio o la separación de los padres de cualquier niño es uno de los mayores eventos en la vida del mismo. El programa de Niños en Medio en Línea se asegura de que el estrés que acompaña la separación o divorcio disminuya, que la carga psicológica a largo plazo sea aligerada, y de que el proceso entero sea hecho más entendible y manejable para los padres, para que así se beneficien los niños.


Covered in the course

  • Carrying Messages
  • Put Downs
  • Money Problems
  • Questioning
  • Never Married Parents

Praise for Children In Between

"Children in Between Online made me think very hard about my actions with my soon to be ex-spouse and what is best for our son."

Molly Dever, Shepherdsville, KY

"This program was recommended by our co-parenting counselor and I would recommend it to other couples who are thinking about or getting a divorce involving children. In fact, I have recommended it to one of my co-workers already. What was most useful for me was the different techniques of communication - self talk, "I" statements, etc."

Diane Hodges, Fairbanks, AK

"After taking CIBO and putting the skills I learned into practice, my kids are much more at ease and know that they can talk to daddy about anything, and it's OK. I recommend this class to everyone!"

Richard Demarco, Grants Pass, Oregon

"We've been using Children In Between program distributed by the Center for Divorce Education for 10 years. It's been life changing for so many families!"

Doak Givan, Executive Director of Family Services Center, Inc.

"I highly recommend CIBO to anyone who wants to have a closer, more respectful relationship with the other parent and children."

John Parker, Roseburg, Oregon

"Excellent...Superb...I was impressed with the quality."

Hon. Cheryl Karner, Domestic Relations Judge

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